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 Qbil-Trade | Our software in short:

  • Real-time insight into your positions, prices, margins, currencies, purchases and sales and inventories.

  • Fast and efficient handling of your trade and logistics processes

  • Track & Tracing of all goods


The trader often works with multiple displays. One for the real-time position list. One for quickly creating and concluding the purchase and sales contracts.

The dates or months of purchase/sale are immediately entered into the contracts. And if applicable, the broker or intermediary and currency hedge contracts are also entered here.


With the position list you have direct and real-time insight into your purchases, sales, stocks and production. For now and tomorrow, but also for next week and next month. Your trading position is always clear. You can respond faster to market movements. And this will result in a healthy and profitable buying and selling policy.


The back office or logistics, but sometimes also the traders themselves, ensure that actual deliveries or goods movements take place. They work from the menu orders ‘ON CALL’

The origin and destination of the product and quantity are entered in the ‘on call’ order. For origin you can think of stock, stock location, silo or a purchase contract. The destination is the customer, silo, stock location or your own warehouse.

When creating the on-demand order, the planning is updated real-time with the entered transactions. Inventories are economically updated. And if required, a transport order or any other document is automatically created.


Within Qbil-Trade the complete purchase and sales administration is entered: the processing of incoming and outgoing invoices. The processing of purchase invoices is fully automated by an excellent scanning and recognition solution including order matching. In addition, Qbil-Trade supports the reduction of financial risks by means of credit and position limits, integrated currency hedging on a contract basis, built-in checks and a personalized segregation of duties.

There are numerous extensive reports that can be retrieved with real-time data, including stock, purchase and sales overviews, as well as a register that makes the monthly closing of the accounting process very easy.

And do you have several operating companies? No problem, all reports can be filtered by operating company.

“Qbil Software is clearly the result of market demand and not from an IT perspective”


A clear view of your trading positions, faster response to market movements and in control of a healthy and profitable purchase and sales strategy

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Expiration dates, certificates of analysis, laboratory results, quality controls can be processed and stored in Qbil-Trade®. Traceability of each party is obvious.

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Selling, purchasing, transfers, back-to-back deliveries, direct sales and stock movements are clearly presented in Qbil‐Trade®.

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Position overview, trade positions, profit/loss reports, positions in foreign currencies, stock list (economic, technical, historic), and much more.

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Management of credit and position limits, purchase invoices, invoicing, credit notes, debtor and creditor management, hedging and profit and loss account

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In addition to wonderful software Qbil also offers an extensive package of additional services.

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What customers say about us

  • Qbil-Trade is very user friendly. We could get right to work with it.

  • Qbil provides a direct usable and working solution because they are specialized in our field

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