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Qbil Software, unique ERP software for trading companies in commodities, ingredients, raw materials and additives

We offer ERP software for trading companies in ingredients, commodities and additives such as oils and fats, milk and dairy products, animal feed, food & nutrition, grains, seeds, nuts & dried fruits, spices, tea, cocoa & coffee, plastics and chemical commodities.

Having a clear view of your market positions, contracts and product flows is of major importance for commodity trading companies. Tracing is carried out automatically in Qbil Software. Your company can continue to focus on its core business.

Our software has been developed based on the demand from the market. Specific to the industry of traders in commodity goods. You will find that with our ‘standard’ solution you can get to work immediately!

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A clear view of your trading positions, faster response to market movements and in control of a healthy and profitable purchase and sales strategy

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Expiration dates, certificates of analysis, laboratory results, quality controls can be processed and stored in Qbil-Trade®. Traceability of each party is obvious.

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Selling, purchasing, transfers, back-to-back deliveries, direct sales and stock movements are clearly presented in Qbil‐Trade®.

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Position overview, trade positions, profit/loss reports, positions in foreign currencies, stock list (economic, technical, historic), and much more.

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Management of credit and position limits, purchase invoices, invoicing, credit notes, debtor and creditor management, hedging and profit and loss account

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In addition to wonderful software Qbil also offers an extensive package of additional services.

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Why Qbil-Trade ®?

  • Specialist in your industry
  • Directly usable and working solution
  • No long analysis process in advance
  • Rapid implementation
  • User friendly
  • Modular structure
  • Future-oriented software

Stronger with Qbil Software:

  • Real-time, up-to-date and clear business information
  • Traceability
  • Process mutations more quickly
  • Fewer errors
  • Increase your profitability
  • Cost effective

“Qbil Software is clearly the result of market demand and not from an IT perspective”

What customers say about us

  • Qbil-Trade is very user friendly. We could get right to work with it.

  • Qbil provides a direct usable and working solution because they are specialized in our field

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