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Qbil-Trade® provides a financial export module: a smart link between your accounting software and Qbil-Trade®. This offers you the benefits of an integrated accounting system, but not the disadvantages.

The export module ensures that all final purchase invoices and sales invoices are exported to your accounting system with one push of a button, or automatically without user intervention.

However, before an invoice is exported, contracts, orders, transport orders, order documents and other matters can still be adjusted. With other words: maximum flexibility!

In addition to the purchase and sales invoices, it is also possible to export relationship data to your accounting system, including the creditor and debtor numbers that are used in your accounting system. Without double entry! Also the credit and position limits and our currency hedging module communicate vice versa with your accounting software.

Financial administration in Qbil-Trade®

  • Entry of purchase invoices (direct selection of ledger account number and VAT code) or automatically with our OCR solution
  • Invoicing and credit notes
  • Accounts receivable and payable management
  • For each relationship several VAT numbers are selectable
  • Automatic intra-Community declaration
  • Manage and monitor credit limits and position limits
  • Currency hedging
  • Real-time reports for quick insight into:
    • Different types of stock: historical, technical, economic, production and commercial stock. Do you have several operating companies? You can see the stock of all operating companies at once, but it is also possible to select the stock per company.
    • Position list (order- or trade book)
    • Currency positions (hedging)
    • Profit and loss account (margins). Both by company, department, product or by trader


Your advantages:

• You save a lot of time
• Maximum flexibility
• No double entry
• Risk of errors in data entry is minimized

Extra finance modules:

And what about the extra modules for your finance department? Like the currency hedging module or our OCR module?

Currency Hedging






This module is indispensable to have a good overview of your currency position at all times. This module makes it possible to enter currency contracts that you make with the bank and assign it to 1 or more contracts and vice versa. You also easily hedge purchase and sales contracts together, of course taking the payment terms that are agreed to trade contracts into account.

Optical Character Recognition
Invoices are read through the OCR technology, recognized and processed in our ERP software Qbil-Trade®. Both paper, digital and electronic invoices are processed in the same way in the invoicing process.

This is why you don’t want an integrated accounting system
Do you recognize this situation? You quickly need to adjust an order. However, the order is already ‘in progress’ in your ERP system. You cannot add more lines to the order but above all: you cannot change the quantities….

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