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A clear view of your trading positions

Faster response to market movements, in control of a healthy and profitable purchase and sales strategy

Qbil-Trade® is the perfect trading software for trading companies to maintain a view of their market positions, contracts and product flows.

Contract management: purchase, sales and back to back

With our trading software, you manage your customer and supplier relationship data with a few clicks. But also of products, packaging, trading conditions and prices. From one and the same screen, you simply make quotes, purchase and sales contracts, back to back and possibly the ‘on call’ orders.
From the contract management screen it is also possible to plan the sales orders directly. This if the traders decide from what stock or from what purchase contract number sales should be done and not the logistics deparment.

Optionally you can also enter the broker or commissioner including commission data and currency hedge contracts.

Position list

You have direct insight into the inventory (both lots and bulk), storage and transport costs. But also into broker- or commission agent data and blending orders. Contracts, stock and planning come together in what for many of our users is the most important overview, the position list. A good position list immediately results in a healthy and profitable purchase and sales policy.


What is the current market value of your trading positions? With our Mark-to-Market reports you‘ll have all the information about the value of your outstanding positions. You know exactly the situation your business is in.


The clear real‐time Qbil‐Trade® reports offer you the right tools to quickly reach the right trading decisions. You have access to various real-time reports such as the position list,mark-to-market report, planning, profit/loss reports, foreign currency positions and much more.

Extra trade modules:

And what about the extra modules for your trade? Like the broker module or our sales planning module?

iPhone & iPad app



broker commissionaire

Sales planning

sales planning

Do you also print lists for your business trips or visits to your warehouses that are out of date as soon as a colleague makes a mutation? The iPhone and iPad app makes sure you always have the required information quickly at hand, wherever in the world you are.

Do you have to deal with commissionaires, brokers or agents who receive a percentage or an amount per unit paid by you? Qbil-Trade has the ideal solution. On the purchasing or sales contract you can enter the broker and commission information. There is a choice between a rate and a price per ton. The commission basis can be set to contract quantity or actual quantity.

When your traders decide from what stock or from what purchase contract number sales should be done this module is the bridge between trade and logistics. The trader selects the stock or the purchase contract from the popup window. It also automatically creates an call off order, which is offered to logistics who it picks up from there.

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